The maze is now CLOSED for 2023, but will re-open in July 2024 with a new design and theme.

Any questions please ring 07884 403889

Answers to your most frequently asked questions

How long does the Quiz Trail take?

It takes approx. 1½ - 2 hours to complete the Quiz Trail. But you don’t have to do it all, and many people break it up with lunch or playing in the Activity Funyard. There is also an easier map for younger children (or people who don’t have much time), which enables you to do it much quicker. You can then spend as many hours as you like on the other games and over at the Rural Centre.

How big is the maze?

The giant 8 acre maize maze has 3 miles of pathways, and is approximately 20 times bigger than the maze at Hampton Court!

Can I pay with a card?

Yes you can.

Is the maze suitable for all ages?

All ages will enjoy themselves, we have visitors aged from 2–92!  There are 2 levels of difficulty and you can do as much or as little as you like. There is also lots to do in the Activity Funyard if anyone gets tired.

Do you have School Visits / Staff Outings?

School visits can be arranged, and we have an Education Pack available which has been written with busy teachers in mind, with things to do before, during and after a visit to the maze. Email if you would like to be sent one.
Staff Outings are very popular and is great for bonding everyone together in a fun and unique environment.

Are there other things to do besides the maze?

We have an Activity Funyard which has games and mini mazes for all ages, which can be played on before or after entering the giant maze. Across the road is the Wistow Rural Centre which has a café/bistro, garden centre, model village, art gallery and numerous shops.

Can you get lost? How do you get out?

You might feel you are lost, but all the paths lead to a mid-point where there is a Quick Exit sign, so you will always be able to find your way out. FREE maps are provided with your ticket to help you navigate the maze.

What shoes should I wear?

Ideally comfortable sturdy shoes as the paths will be uneven in places and there are 3 miles of pathways? After rain it is essential to wear welly-boots as the paths do get very muddy.

Does the maze ever close due to bad weather?

After heavy downpours, we have occasionally had to close the maze (due to Health & Safety), as the paths and high level bridges & towers become very slippery.
Do check the website (as we update this as soon as we know of any closure), or do ring 07884 403889 before leaving home.

Is the maze suitable for pushchairs/wheelchairs?

We have had thousands of pushchairs round the maze, but please remember it is an agricultural field and uneven in places. After rain the paths do get muddy and sticky, which makes it less suitable for pushchairs & wheelchairs.

Do you have picnic tables?

Yes, there are picnic tables in the Activity Funyard, and there is also a café/bistro across the road at the Rural Centre.

Can I bring a dog?

NO DOGS are allowed, except guide dogs.

Can I buy a Gift Voucher?

Yes you can. Many people have bought tickets for a Birthday, Anniversary or Christmas present, or just as a gift.
Email or ring 07884 403889

Do you sell food?

We sell drinks/crisps/sweets and ice-creams. But across the road is a café/bistro which sells all kinds of hot & cold food.

Can children go round on their own?

Children under 14 need to be accompanied by an adult.

Do you pay for parking?

Parking is FREE, but cars are left entirely at their owner's risk.

Is the maze open all year round?

No, it is only open July – September. Being a living maize crop, it is replanted every springtime thus enabling us to have a completely different design each year. At the end of the season it is cut down and fed to the cows!

Can I buy tickets in advance?

No, we don't do any advance bookings, you can just turn up!  Always best to check the website first to check that the maze is open, as occasionally we have to close the maze due to bad weather. 

How high is the maze?

Weather conditions will determine the height of the crop in any season. The maize crop will always be shorter in July and reaches its full height during August when it can grow between 6-8 feet.

Who do I contact about a summer job at the maze?

If you are 18+ and interested in working at the maze during the summer months, send your CV with an accompanying email and contact details to  

How is the maze created? 

Each year the maize and sunflower crop is drilled in early May, and GPS satellite technology is used to mark out the pathways. See full details on the page "How the Maze is Made".

Do we support individual charity requests? 

Each year Wistow Maze donates tickets to a wide range of charitable causes across the region, but unfortunately we are unable to respond to individual requests.

Important Notice

Wistow Maze takes no responsibility for any accidental loss or damage to personal effects, or any injuries or accidents to visitors, arising from or in connection with exploring the maze, using the bridges, towers and equipment, including equipment in the Activity Funyard.

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